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Upgrading LaraAdmin

You can update all packages with command:

composer update

To select the proper upgrade version, go to composer.json and specify the package version as below and again run composer update command.

"dwij/laraadmin": "1.0.40"

Before installing the changes you need to commit all your changes. Then run command:

php artisan la:install

This will copy all new files of LaraAdmin into your project. You might have deleted LaraAdmin's old files / modules and those might have just returned. Now this is quite a manual job to select changes you accept and which you don't. Visual Studio Code Editor will help you a lot in segregating such changes.

Once you're done with all such segregation's test your application fully. If possible correct test PHPUnit Test Cases for your project and run phpunit. This will validate the things for best. If you dont understand any upgraded code, please contact us on

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