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LaraAdmin is a Laravel package to create Admin Panel in minutes. It is also a Data Management System like CMS which allows you to create CRUD's based on advanced Migrations whithout much efforts.

Check website for composer installation. Once you are done with that you can install Laravel.

composer create-project laravel/laravel=5.2.31 la1

cd la1

sudo chmod -R 777 storage/ bootstrap/ database/migrations/

Once Laravel is properly install you can continue for LaraAdmin

1. Install Package using composer command.

composer require "dwij/laraadmin:1.0.40"

2. Add LaraAdmin Service provider Dwij\Laraadmin\LAProvider::class in config/app.php :

	'providers' => [

3. Take file backup or use git as installation may affect following files:


5. Run installer command :

php artisan la:install
Database Assistant:

This will ask, whether you want to update your database credentials (in .env) using DB Assistant ?
You can choose No and configure database manually in .env file.
If you choose Yes then DB Assistant will ask for DB Name, DB User & DB Password.
If your database password is blank you can simply press enter.
If you are using Laravel 5.3 it will also ask you to enter DB Host & DB Port.

Backup / Git:

Once the configuration is done, It wil ask you to take backup or use git to track file changes after installation.
Press enter if you have taken backup.
We recommend to use Visual Studio Code Editor which has inbuilt git and very useful to track development.

Installation process will copy all required files & folders into your project. At end it will migrate database and run seeds.

Super Admin Creation:

Provide Super Admin Information like Name, Email & Password. Your account will be ready to login.

Your setup is completed. Check your admin portal on and login through email and password.

If you want to make UI Style Changes you need to generate css files from Less.

					npm install
					npm install forever -g
					forever start node_modules/gulp/bin/gulp.js watch

For more information regarding Less you can check

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