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Laravel Admin Panel

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A Simple and Fast way to built Admin Panel
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Laravel CRM

Flexible yet powerful !

LaraAdmin is a remarkable package offering you a complete set of utilities you will ever need as a CRM / Admin Panel. Whether creating a CMS, Backend Panel or CRM - LaraAdmin's unique and flexible utilities has you covered.

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Build Laravel Web Applications faster than ever

LaraAdmin is a Laravel Admin Panel which controls your Models, Data and their Role Permissions with no coding at all, giving you state of a art focus towards Data representation than Data Handling.

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There's so much to love

Admin Panel / CMS / CRM / Data Management

Modular Architecture

Developers love our block-based approach to every Models. It makes Data Management fast and enjoyable, leaving more time to craft your perfect representations.

Easy Installation

Up and running quickly with single installation command. Generates AdminLTE UI + basic CRUD's and migrates db tables including seeds.

Customize On the Go

LaraAdmin generated CRUD's are very simple to edit and extends whichever way your application scale. You can easily decorate the views with given Basic UI.

Major Features

  • Module Manager

    Module Manager can create new Module with CRUD's' as well as allows to edit Table Schema with Advanced Data Types. It also features Access Control for given Module to give access to Roles. Field sorting enables sorted form fields.

  • CRUD Generation

    LaraAdmin generated CRUD's are very elegant and highly customisable. It generates Views, Model, Controller, Migrations and test case. It can even generate reverse migrations from database Schema for future references.

  • Uploads Manager

    Uploads Manager allows you to manage your file & images at ease. It also protects your files with layer of access control and file settings whether you want your application to share these images outside system or not.

  • Menu Manager

    Menu Manager helps in managing menus without going into the code. You can either use Modules as Menu item or you can create custom menus with icons from Font-Awesome. Hierarchy of menu can give you extra mile to create sections.

  • Configurations

    Configurations allows you to set various themes and layout options. It also allow setting site name and default outgoing email address.

  • Roles & Access

    We have used package Zizaco/Entrust for creation Role Permissions. Also we have created Modular Access for Roles which allow Module View, Edit, Delete Accesses.

  • Field Access

    Like Module Access for Roles you can customize Module Field access like Invisible, Read-Only & Write.

  • Code Editor

    Our Online Code Editor is Optional Package and its made from Ace Editor. It allows SuperAdmin to edit the Modules online for corrections saving lot of time in debugging. Read More...

Get all this and lot more for free.
Its open-source.

You can contribute too by reporting issues or by developing functionalities.

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Meet Laravel Professionals

We are Laravel Professionals who wanted to build platform which will reduce development time drastically and allows us to focus on data presentation rather than redundant code writing for Data Management.

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  • Ganesh Bhosale

    Creator of LaraAdmin and major Contributor to its Philosophy, Development & documentation. Founder of Dwij IT Solutions - Innovative Web & Mobile Development Company in Pune, India.

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  • Ganesh Khade

    Contributed to LaraAdmin with excellent idea's, philosophies and usability analysis over the period.

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  • Santiago Lozano

    Contributed to LaraAdmin by building Functionalities and fixing issues. Major contribution in UI building for usability.

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  • Twaambo Haamucenje

Open source initiative of

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