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There are basically two types of configurations: 1. Configuration File and 2. Configuration Manager. Both has quite a same working except the User's Comfortableness towards GUI. Configuration Manager use the Database to store the data and focuses on UI related configurations.

This file is like any other standard laravel configuration file. This file is generated at the time of installation and stored into /config/laraadmin.php. This file as two parts:

General Configurations

As of now general configuration stores only Admin Route Path /admin. This is the url segment which you use to access Admin Panel.

'adminRoute' => 'admin',

You can access this setting via config('laraadmin.adminRoute') where laraadmin is configuration file name. To get complete url for admin panel you can use:

<a href="{{ url(config('laraadmin.adminRoute')) }}">Admin Panel</a>
Uploads Configurations

This configuration is for Uploads Manager to decide Uploads visibility and File name changes.

'uploads' => [
	'private_uploads' => false,
	'default_public' => false,
	'allow_filename_change' => true

Check details about this in Upload Manager Docs.

You can open Configurations by Configure Option shown in Top Navbar or by url /admin/la_configs

LaraAdmin Module Manager Link

This is UI tool in LaraAdmin to configure various option in Admin Panel. It uses Database table la_configs to store the data. This table is populated when we call php artisan db:seed after migration.

Existing Configurations

SitenameComplete Site name e.g. LaraAdmin 1.0
Sitename First WordFirst word of Navbar Brand Text (AdminLTE) e.g. Lara
Sitename Second WordSecond word of Navbar Brand Text (AdminLTE) e.g. Admin 1.0
Sitename ShortShort Sitename for Mini Sidebar Layout. Maximum 3 Characters
Site DescriptionSite Description to put in HTML Meta Data + Default Homepage.
Show Search BarWhether to show Search Form in Left Sidebar
Show Messages IconLaraAdmin Messages Icon Whether to Messages Section in Navbar
Show Notifications IconLaraAdmin Notifications Icon Whether to show Notification Section in Navbar
Show Tasks IconLaraAdmin Tasks Icon Whether to show Tasks Section in Navbar
Show Right SideBar IconLaraAdmin Right Sidebar Icon Whether to show Right SideBar Section in Navbar
Skin Color White Blue Black Purple Yellow Red Green
Layout AdminLTE supports total 5 types of layouts.
  1. Fixed Layout Default
  2. Boxed Layout - Fixed Container Width of 1250px
  3. Top Navigation Layout - No Sidebar. All Sidebar icons in Navbar
  4. Sidebar Collapse Layout - Hides Sidebar by Default
  5. Mini Sidebar Layout - Compact Sidebar giving lot of space for content
Default Email AddressDefault Email Address from which mails will be sent via smtp. Used for password forgot + Mailing Account creation notification.

Using Configurations

You can access these saved configuration via Model LAConfigs as below. Check database table for la_configs more settings.

use Dwij\Laraadmin\Models\LAConfigs;

$sitename = LAConfigs::getByKey('sitename');

Adding Configurations

It is very easy to add new configurations on this page. We have included controller Controllers\LA\LAConfigController.php and blade view views\la\la_configs\index.blade.php which can be further customized to add new configuration.

Note: You need to add new row in your configuration table la_configs if not exists. You can configure it in LAConfigController::store() method.

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