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Menu Manager

LaraAdmin Default Sidebar Menu

Menu Manager is a small tool to manage your sidebar / nav menus which can either be Modules or Custom Links. By default while seeding, LaraAdmin puts all existing modules into Menu and create custom parent link Team for user related Modules.

You can open Menu Manager by Menus Option shown in Top Navbar or by url /admin/la_menus.

LaraAdmin Menu Manager Link

Menu Manager accepts Modules & Custom Links as Menu Items. Further it allows user to create hierarchy of Items like WordPress by Drag and Drop.

LaraAdmin Module Menu

Create Menu Items

1. Create Module Menu Item

To create Module as Menu Items you need to click button in front Module Name. Menu Item will take Module Icon as default Icon.

LaraAdmin Add Module Menu Item
2. Create Custom Links

Creating Custom Menu Item will take URL, Label and FontAwesome Icon. To create a parent Menu Item to hold other items you can use # as url like team example below.

LaraAdmin Custom Menu Link

Edit/Delete Menu Items

1. Edit Custom Links

You can only edit Custom Links and not Module Links. On mouse over you can see edit option over Custom Link Item.

LaraAdmin Edit Menu Link Button

After clicking Edit Icon a modal will open with options to edit URL, Label and Icon of Menu Item.

LaraAdmin Edit Menu Link
2. Delete Menu Item

You can delete any menu item by clicking delete button which gets visible on mouse over.

LaraAdmin Delete Menu Button

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